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Kim's Color Crazy Challenge: Purple is My Favorite Color

Kim’s Color Crazy Challenge is dedicated to my favorite color of purple this week.  I had just snapped photos of the wisteria in the photo last week as it was in full bloom and the perfect subject to showcase for this challenge.

The wisteria vines are all over my yard and along the property lines.  The photo shows trees with wisteria along the front property line out toward the field.  We are in the process of trying to clean this area out and get rid of the offensive plants like privet, weeds and dead limbs.  It is a huge job as my hubby wants to whack it all except the big trees.  So far I am winning this battle and saving the wisteria.

I wanted to point out the size of the vines.  Some of them are three inches in diameter.  There is no telling how old some of these vines are.  I do know that the land here was deeded to a family who was big into agriculture.   The owner raised cattle and the lady of the house was known to teach other ladies in the area how to can vegetables, make jelly, etc.  The house was built in 1860 and is still standing.  I love finding new species of wild flora here and looking up it’s uses in natural health.  I imagine that all of these plants were used for that purpose.

Unfortunately the wisteria blooms did not last long at all.  A rain system moved through and knocked the blooms down.  The yard did look nice with flakes of purple scattered all over.

Wishing everyone a good day, stay home and stay safe!

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    • I do believe he has finally thrown in the towel! I have this wisteria running up several trees here and along the property line. It’s really beautiful. He’s finally seeing that all the vines he is chopping is actually something pretty! I will have honeysuckle blooming real soon. That is another one I am fighting for, along with muscadine!!


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