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Just for Fun Week 3: Something Man Made in the Garden

I love seeing garden art, whether as sculpture, like this garden statue, or a decoration hanging from a tree. I’ve even seen found objects attached to the fences surrounding a garden.

I took this photo as I was walking through my neighborhood a week ago, looking for something interesting to feed my camera. Although I’d walked past this house many times before, this is the first time I noticed this appealing little statue. The little girl is watering her potted plant, or perhaps a seed she just planted there, as her goose watches. (I think it’s a goose. It looks more like a goose than a duck to me. The bill and feet have little detail. ) The water looks a bit muddy, almost like dirt. The white statue stands out on the dark soil better than a terracotta statue would.

The ever-present fallen sycamore leaves are on the ground. It seems they are with us from autumn until spring. I cropped the green shrubs at the back of the photo out to give more attention to the sculpture.

Have you seen any interesting garden art lately? Do you have any art in your own garden? What kind of art do you think looks nice in a garden?

This photo is part of the Just for Fun Week 3 Challenge. See the details here if you’d like to join the fun.


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  1. I have little knick knacks in the garden. I try to work some kind of idea into the garden and it comes as I begin weeding and buying plants to grow.
    The garden has everything, food plants, herbs, flowers and swan plants for monarchs. I try a lot of things including fruit.
    A warning, its good more weeds than I like.

  2. Awe, she’s cute. Great subject for something man made. Now let’s see. I like natural looking ponds and rock fountains, though I do like cute statues. As for seeing any interesting garden art, I am having to think really hard, and can’t come up with a thing. Perhaps that would be a good theme one day for this challenge. In the garden.. Thank you for the idea. : ) Also, I guess the only kind of garden art I have is a little cat that sits on a pot, and a cool solar lantern. My yard is very small.
    Thank you for posting this for the challenge!!


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