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Just for Fun Week 1 and 2 California Sky Photos

The sky is one of my favorite photography subjects. I try to photograph every beautiful sunset I see, and I also try to capture unusual cloud formations at any time of day.

I see the sky as God’s canvas. Throughout each day he paints it anew, adding some very special touches when the sun rises and sets. Clouds chase each other around the horizon and reflect gorgeous colors at the beginning and end of each day. The weather changes the appearance of the sky during the day, too, as do the many jets that leave contrails. I try to capture it all as I have opportunity.

When I saw that the theme for this week’s #justforfun#1 challenge was the sky, I had to participate. I learned of this theme from Kim Johnson in her post describing the challenge. This is my contribution for Weeks 1 and 2.

A Winter Sunset on the Beach in Ventura

I took this photo on the way home from a business trip to our former home in Newbury Park, California. As we drove north on the 101 Freeway, I could not help but notice that the sunset would be an especially memorable one. So I made my husband pull off the freeway in Ventura and head for the beach. It was hard to find a parking place, but I got to the beach just in time to capture the sun saying goodnight. 

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Storm Clouds in My Neighborhood

Sometimes the clouds settle like a thick quilt over a neighborhood. I took this photo looking east on such a day. I was expecting rain by nightfall. 

Red Sunset

I can't remember exactly where I took this one, but I know it was in Paso Robles. 

Looking Toward the Hills of Paso Robles During Rainy Season

This photo was taken during a week when we had experienced some rain storms -- something we are normally very grateful for in California. During the summer those hills are brown, not green. The trees on the hills are part of an old almond orchard. 

Smoky Sunset During 2016 Chimney Fire in Paso Robles

The Chimney Fire of 2016 was very destructive. Smoke was in the air for days, even though our neighborhood was far south of the fire. It turned the sky red at night, and put that ring around the sun as it was setting. 

Butterfly Sculpture at Sunset in Paso Robles

I took this photo as I left the Kennedy Club Fitness Club in Paso Robles one November as the sun was setting. 

Contrails Mark an X in the Sky

We live a few miles south of Camp Roberts, a National Guard training camp. It always seems to keep our sky full of jets, and the jets have an interesting effect on the sky. The oak tree in this photo lives across the street from me. 

Weathervane at Sunset Near Oak Lane in Paso Robles

Oak Lane is a rural road within walking distance of my tract. I often take photo walks there hoping to find animals, and knowing I will find majestic oak trees. On this late afternoon I discovered the weathervane on my way back from Oak Lane. 

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