Just for fun Challenge!

I have long been a fan of looking beyond the atmosphere of earth, of seeing the moon and beyond. In the summer of 1969, i was glued to the TV watching Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstong on the moon.

just for fun, a little something from deep space!

“One Small step for man. One Giant Leap for mankind.” Perhaps the most talked-about A since the letter was invented.

Just for fun takes you to the moon and back!

Continuing the let’s share challenge started by Karen – here is the post that inspired me today for Just for Fun!

seed the anniversary by a day, but today is close enough! Just for fun in space!

Anyone can join the just for fun challenge – just post a fun video (or two or three) and away you go! The just for fun Mashup is the combining of two challenges. Today just for fun and let’s share!

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One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Just for Fun Challenge

Some of you may remember the JUST for Fun Challenges. They all started on TSU long ago. A bunch of us contributed to naming the days of the week. I changed it up a bit when I joined Virily since there was a posting lag of many days at times, and it just didn’t work well for the day of the week challenge. I made it a monthly thing. It ended several months ago.  

Virily – NOW that Virily is on it’s toes and posts go through faster than ever I have decided to bring back the day’s of the week. 

Ileana Calotuscue – You may have noticed Ileana Calotuscue’s posts, Black and White Friday, Thursday’s Reflections and Macro Mondays. She has dazzled and awed us by her superb photography skills. She has inspired me to bring this back. 

CarolDM posted about Wacky Wednesday and has inspired me as well to put this one as a replacement for Wildlife Wednesday. On the other site there were several days that had multiple options to post.  There was even a wear certain colors and post pictures theme. 

Anyway, here is the idea. If you can’t think of what to post or this just sounds like fun. Pick a day of the week to post or post for them all. Just have Fun! This is the only rule. 




THURSDAYS reflections

Black and White FRIDAY

Silhouette SATURDAY


Just have Fun! 


What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. I am glad to have found this post. I have seen these fun challenges around Virily, but I haven’t catch up with all of them and I am still figuring out what day is for what type of post. Now I know them. Thanks.

    • Well, you’re welcome. This is some of them. We also have Song Saturday now. And also there is a monthly challenge, where the theme changes each month. This month is Halloween Colors, Post anything with Orange, Black, Green, Purple.

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