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just for fun and Car Crazy 2

I would like to tell a short story about the car in the picture. We were Married in 1991. I had grown up in Bloomington Indiana and my lovely wife was born there. I had left to go to Thailand, she left to go move to Arizona for a year. We were both bad pennies are returned.

When we got married we moved to Cincinnati the following happened:

1. we got married.

2. we moved to Ohio

3. We had two cars, one was an old Datsun. It died.

So, the car in the picture joined our family. To this day, it is both my wife and my all-time favorite car. We did everything with that Station Wagon!

Today’s fun stuff!!!

Another Weird Al Yankovic song!

Two comics that I loved when I was a teenager – Cheech and Chong. This song was number 1 for a time!

Basetball Jones! 


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. My word smith husband uses English grammar. English grammar and some words are entirely different from American grammar.
    I am not a linguist but he is.
    Warwick gets upset when our announcers say “compared to…” rather than “compared with…”

    I annoy him by speaking half way through a sentence, although I though I began at the beginning..

    I like the station wagon.

  2. Ah, I see what your doing here, great idea Doc.
    Now about that car. I agree with you on the car. My dad had one just like it. I think it was a few years newer, it was brown. I did know that. I used to borrow it during snow season. That thing could go anywhere as long as it could clear the bottom. I only got stranded one time in it, and that is because we pulled over to help another stranded family into the car. It wouldnt take off again, with the extra weight. We all ended by walking about a 1/4 mile to the nearest house and asking to use the phone. The snow was well over knee deep in the road. They had plowed and the side of the road was about 15′. Major snow storm. This was before cell phone time. I loved that car.


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