Ivy Vines and Mannequins Dream

Sunday, February 04, 2018

I woke up on this Sunday morning thinking about last night’s odd dream. I was inside a huge lobby with dimmed lighting, and I was looking for a door to an elegant home that I apparently own, in which the house number is 160. But I couldn’t find it anywhere because it was dark and mysterious. There was also heavy green ivy in front of these homes that it almost looked like an indoor jungle. A girl, working at the front desk, came over to help me search for my home number. We thought we found it, but when the door opened, we saw a big, black rapper-looking man talking with a woman on the stairs. I realized it is the wrong house. So, I kept looking for house number 160 in that section. I was very comfortable in this situation because I was pushing away the ivy with my hands to clear my way through the murky darkness so I can move forward. As the ivy cleared, I suddenly noticed giant-sized female mannequins, dressed in metallic blue gowns. They suddenly appeared before me, blocking my way. But they didn’t really bother me because I liked mannequins. I just brushed their long and big dresses to the side in order to move through the mannequin army. I noticed another keyhole in that area, and my key fit perfectly. But when I turned the key, a slot machine drawer came out and the lights went out into complete darkness. The girl must have given up and left me because I was alone again searching for the house number 160 on my own. I decided to walk towards a much lighted area of the lobby courtyard, where I see a fair woman in her 30s checking out display cases, while her kids were playing nearby. The woman is checking out architectural homes in glass display cases. She holds up a simple but vintage one and tells me, “This looks like something Jeffrey would live in?” I am thinking to myself Jeffrey who. Do I know this Jeffrey? I have a lawyer cousin named Jeffrey, but I doubt it is about him in this dream.

After I woke up, I decided to look up “ivy” and “mannequin” on the internet dream dictionaries. There were many definitions. But as I read each one, it started to make sense.

I learned the ivy and these elegant-looking mannequins were symbolism for obstacles in my way, preventing me from moving forward.

  1. In English symbolism, Ivy is an evergreen plant that stands for eternity, fidelity, and strong affectionate attachment in wedded love and friendship. It grows in the hardest environment.
  2. Ivy also has to do with perennial life and immortality as well as dependence and attachment because it climbs trees and buildings toward sunlight.
  3. Ivy can also mean someone or something in need of protection, and maybe there might be some ingratitude of such protection.
  4. In Celtic symbolism, ivy means connections and friendships interweaving together in growth as well as the twists and turns of friendships leading to long-lasting connections and bonds. There is growth in challenging environments. It can lead to positive outcomes, such as growth, renewals, connections, friendships, and opportunity. My human spirit will be strengthened to help me carry on through darkness, confusion, and struggles.
  5. Spiraling ivy has to do with consciousness, development, expansion, and rebirth. The harmony of these elements unifies into bonding. (But I don’t think the ivy vines in my dream were spiraling).
  6. Ivy vines taking over a home symbolize being resilient in tough situations. I am able to tolerate and work through strife and drama, and I will survive and come out better because I am focusing on the current situation.

Mannequins have to do with something fake in my life. I am unable to move forward in life because I seem to be blocked. If the mannequins do not move in the dream, things will begin to move forward quickly. That is a good sign for me because I don’t remember these mannequins moving. There were just standing and blocking my way, similar to fashionable guards.

  1. Mannequins have to do with a need to reorder situations in my life in order to find the best way to handle my situation. Mannequins might also symbolize an extension of me wanting to better myself in a work situation. I might be feeling anxious about something.
  2. Mannequins dressed in metallic blue gowns indicate I am ready to take on whatever job comes my way, but I am unsure about what I need to do next. I might be unsure about my personal approach to do something in my life.


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