Is Volunteerism Your Passion

If you wanted to determine that volunteerism is your passion, then take the time to have a reflection of oneself. The main thing to take consideration is the will to sacrifice everything you have.

Here are the following to sacrificial factors:

1. Family: It is one of the biggest factors to sacrifice in carrying out volunteerism. You will be relocated to another country and be disconnected temporarily with familial members. Communication can still be possible but it depends on the settlement’s accessibility of modern gadgets.

2. Career: Once you had accepted to be a volunteer in another country, resigning from a job would be the next thing to do. “Are you willing to leave a promising career?” In this kind of situation, you need to think not only twice.

3. Lifestyle: If you are in your mission, living a modest lifestyle will be expected. It would not be the usual thing you do at present. The simplicity will consume your life. Bear in mind, it is not easy to change one’s lifestyle. You need to prepare yourself for a big change in a foreign land.

4. Friends: The support system in life will be left behind, as you step on the plane going to your desired settlement area. However, you don’t need to worry about this concern. Another set of people will be acquainted with while doing your mission.

Once you had read this, take the time to think it over. “Are you ready to sacrifice everything?” I anticipate that it would be difficult to decide not even overnight. It takes a lot of thinking and consideration. The word “preparation” is the answer to this. Once you had decided to go for it, then you are embracing the sacrificial factors.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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