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Is this image moving ? It’s trending now

It is claim for this picture that this picture will look motionless to those  who do not have mental stress, Those who are inferior to the stress, will feel the slightest movement, while people with severe depression and mental stress will see this picture moving rapidly.

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Initially, it was said that this picture was created by a Japanese psychologist, However, it is also said that this photo is made by a Ukrainian artist, and it does not have to take any sense of mental stress. On social media, many people are expressing their views by considering this picture as a mental stress test.

Many people claim they are suffering from severe depression, since they are seeing this picture moving rapidly. Some people also say that this picture is just a visual fraud, and despite that they are facing mental stress, and they got this picture perfectly still.

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    • Yeah , you there was a girl on Facebook, she commented that she see movement in this picture. I ask her , you may be suffering from depression , she replied yes, since I am in love and my BF is not picking up call since few days…..Hahaha

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