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Interesting Interiors Challenge

Hi all!

Ok, so in one of my previous posts, Interesting Wall Decorations #Challenge, I started the #challenge about interesting wall decorations. Several members posted and answered the challenge, and if you haven’t you can still join and post if you have some photos on this theme that you would like to show…

I also came to an idea during writing that post to start one other challenge – the interesting interiors challenge. Since I wasn’t actually sure what interiors to choose, I decided to make a poll, Another Photo from a Coffeeshop + #Challenges POLL, where I posted a very interesting photo I made in one of my favorite coffeeshops (which, also, in a way, shows a part of its interior), and also A POLL where I put you to decide which of the interiors to choose for this #challenge, and you decided that it would be the best to put ALL interiors – public and private spaces because it gives the most opportunities to post…

So, in that meaning, you can post all interesting public and private interiors, including (my favorite) coffeeshops…..! ;)) There aren’t any special rules except to mention the name of the challenge in the title, maybe put a hashtag #interestinginteriors if you want, and to post in the Challenges section. (I wouldn’t actually call it a challenge but more a will to post something you find interesting…)

You can also gather both challenges in one post if the interior you want to present also has interesting wall decorations… ?

Here I will present you a little more of the interior of one other coffeeshop, actually the one that I presented in the Interesting Wall Decorations #Challenge with the bubble wall decorations… I hope you will like it!… ?

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!!!!! ?

PS I’m glad that receiving points for submitting items (photos) when writing a post works again! ?

Also, visit my new POLL here: (What Exactly Is/Are) Spam (Comments) POLL


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  1. I found my hot spot where to share my sculpture posts! Yes! If you see in the trending section, I have two of those suckers trending. I have one more that I hope to get in that top trending list. Three would be a great accomplishment for me

    • I’m not sure which one is #3 cause they changed places now due to the voting, but thank you… Not sure what to write, it’s obvious it is a coffeeshop, like I already said, and I already wrote about it in the previous post I also mentioned (linked) above…..

    • Thanks, now they changed places due to the voting so I’m not sure which one is no3……? 🙂 Thank you very much! But, what you actually meant by “but you need just the right amount”… (I am not familiar with that term… :/)?

      • (I checked with Natalie and she said it was her mistake, so maybe it happened in your posts too – you said you thought the voting option is always checked; although now she said you spoke to her and that you want your photos to stay in the specific order so that is why voting is turned off…?)

          • Really???!! That is what I first thought, really, and that is why I asked her did you say that to her or…, and she said yes! 🙁 Maybe she confused you with someone else…? She was online today so I asked her about that mistake in my own post and also mentioned you because I thought it was a bug that needs to be fixed, but she told me there is no bug and that it was her mistake… This really pisses me off….. 😐 Especially that I was sure that pictures don’t even move in the ranked list – only in a gallery but she claims the opposite….. :/

          • PS Are you still getting points for voting…..? I thought that option was stopped, at least I’m not getting them anymore but I reached the limit so maybe that’s the reason… :/
            It seems that she does such things because she thinks instead of us, but if we wanted to turn off the voting we would do that, right…..?!! It’s ok if there is a mistake in the post but things like this….. I once put my photos in the Art topic and she changed it all by herself into Science and Nature, I was pissed off and told her I’m posting about photography not nature so it’s Art, and told her to change that like it was and that we need more topics!!!!! But when I recently actually asked her to change something, just to add a word in the title, she Again did something I Didn’t ask…! She first deleted a part of the title and then added the word I asked… I am really pissed off….. :|E
            And now this…

          • I actually sent you a message now and someone deleted it!!!!! It was the other part of the story I didn’t want to share publicly and someone deleted it!!!!! Now I am REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY pissed off…..!!

          • No, sorry, now I sent you again and there is no message again, like something’s wrong…. It says 1 point for sending a message but there is no the message in my inbox!

          • Why wouldn’t she agree?????…….. You wanted it to be enabled but if she disabled it herself she certainly should have asked you First!!! After all, it IS Your post, right…..? And why Options on the post if someone will change everything the way he/she thinks “it’s better” or thinks “you wanted it that way”……(?!?!??!) Also, to say you “told her that” and you never did that is really…..

            PS You didn’t answer me about the voting – are you getting points (Virils) when you vote on someone’s post…? There were notifications about it earlier, but I reached the highest rank in that badge so I don’t get more points (notifications) for that so I thought that option was canceled, but then I was like, maybe other people still get points (notifs) for that…..? :/ Thanks!

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