Intelligent Quotient – 20

What has happened over the years is that where a test can be given to check the Intelligent Quotient,  there isn’t an Emotional Quotient exam.

The kids take the I.Q. test and this one has an I.Q. of 157 meaning genius, that one has a score of 87 meaning Forrest Gump.

And that’s as far as it goes.

Reality doesn’t conform to these exams.

Yes, the one with the 157 I.Q. is expected to do well at school, to go to University, to enter a profession and to be successful in their chosen field.

The one with the 87 I.Q. is expected to struggle at school, to maybe get into some training program and not go very far in life.

But this is based not on reality but on an Exam which is set by some group which may be far removed from the environment of those taking the Exam.


What do you think?


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