Intelligence Quotient – 29 -End

The need to reevaluate testing procedures is long overdue.  Academic achievement does not lead  to life success.  

It is more likely the Valedictorian with a stellar I.Q. will wind up with a failed life than the graduate who is emotionally intelligent.

This is because to focus too much on academics often means to fail reality.

Think of it like this;  here is a boy, loaded down with books and  focused on his school work, not invited to any party or outing, not interested in sports, with few friends.

As he gains the high grades and moves into a University, he continues his ‘successful’  academic career.

If interviewed for a job, unless a virtual automaton is required, a person with a personality would be hired.

For Academic brilliance alone does not mean that one can translate what is learned into practice.


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