Inside the Capsule – 27

It was now June.   This was it.   This was the reward for surviving this school, in this  town, for this  year.

Margaret didn’t have  to attend study classes,  she had been studying since September.

She walked into her first  exam room, as usual just before  the bell.

She had learned, since day one, that any seat she took  would provoke one of the repulsive creatures which passed as a human, to come to her and claim  ‘That’s my Seat’.

From that first day,  from that first encounter, Margaret was usually the last student to enter, the last to sit.

Today, as she entered, the teacher pointed to a seat, and she took it.   She wrote her name on the paper, and then,  at the order, turned over  the exam paper and began.

As her eyes touched the questions,  Margaret  nearly  laughed.    It  was so simple!

Margaret began answering, focusing on her handwriting, her spelling, for she knew the answers as she knew her name.


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Written by jaylar

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