Inside the Capsule

At lunch, where the Mean Girls and others patrolled the cafeteria,   Margaret was in the study hall, reading the book she’d taken from the library, doing the homework assigned, reading ahead.

Her decision was to complete the syllabus as quickly and completely as she could. She would read ahead and prepare for University Entrance Exams.    If she focused she would gain the  highest grades she could.

While other kids argued, fought, had dramas, acted out, whether being mean girls or push arounds,  striving to have escapades or adventures, Margaret was sealed into her capsule of focus.

She never took lunch, never stayed after school, never participated in anything.  As the bell rang, she was on her way home,  into her house, tear off her school clothes, release her hair from the pony tail, do some quick exercises, then finish whatever study or homework she had.

As she lived near the school, she would reach home at 3:10 (at the latest)  and finish whatever was left to do in less than an hour, then  go outside,  behind the house, where no one could see her. She’d do physical activity, until dinner at 5:30, when her father came home.

After dinner, it was back outside, (weather permitting) then inside, to watch television or surf the ‘Net.

During the weekends, her family often had outings to the City. They’d leave early and return late, because her parents also hated the town.


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Written by jaylar