Inside the Capsule – 13

Sam was the ‘Boss’ at the factory, and liked being the Boss.   He was in charge, they all knew it.   He felt no pressure.   The factory was running well, the workers were trained and competent, his job was almost a vacation.

Although he could go out for a beer after work, and run his mouth with his people, he chose not to.

What happened in the town would stay in the town.

Perhaps if Sam and his family had liked the town or the people or anything it would be different, but there was nothing about the place they found the least interesting or attractive.

Sam rose in the morning, did exercises with his wife, Millie, then they went to breakfast.  They’d eat with their daughter, Margaret, then she would leave for school, he’d finish dressing and go to work.

He’d be home by six, they’d eat, relax, talk, watch television and be in bed by ten.

On Fridays he’d leave work early, pick up the family and drive to the City, book into a hotel and enjoy themselves.

Then, on Sunday, after an early dinner, drive back and reach home a bit late and go to bed.

That was life.


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