Inside of Myself – 16

Jennie’s Birthday Party was beyond perfect.  From the decorations to the food to the music, everything was perfect.

Everyone was overwhelmed, everyone who had been invited or crashed, complimented me and demanded I plan their next occasion.

My husband and I stayed to the very end, and then, he drove us home.  I sat in the car, my eyes closed, dreaming.  Dreaming of myself and Maxie.

Bob’s voice tore the dream;

“Dee, you were really fantastic…”  he said with a kind of awe.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head.

“I never saw a function so perfectly planned as if done by a major catering company….”

“Why, Thank you…” I said, shocked by his praise.   I tried to recall if he had ever praised me before.

“I was so proud of you…” he said, almost shyly, as we pulled into our garage. Then he turned and embraced me.

So how do I feel?


What do you think?


Written by Tall Awah

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