Inside of Myself – 14

I opened the door, my heart pounding, and there Maxie was. As magnificent as always.

“Hi!”  he smiled at me, waved at Bob, “Jenny thinks I’ve taken the car to the mechanic.”

I nodded, waiting.  I didn’t have long.

“I want to plan a perfect birthday party for her… I need your help.”

I guess I looked extra stupid.

“I really need your help…”

“You have it..” I said as if it were “I Do…”

Maxie didn’t move from the doorway as if there was a leash connecting him to the car.   He didn’t step in, didn’t move.

“Okay”, he nods, “but we have to meet secretly,  Here… but Jenny can’t know…”

“I got that…” I replied.

“Okay!”  he gave me a precious smile, a wave, and was gone.


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Written by Tall Awah

Content AuthorYears Of Membership

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