Ileana, Ileana – Song With A Woman's Name

I like the series of songs with a woman’s name in the title,  started by Ellie. I invite you to listen to an old authentic Romanian fiddle song … sung by one of the best voices of this musical genre. The song evokes the joy of a young man who is going to marry a beautiful girl named Ileana. You wouldn’t have thought that there was a song called Ileana, Ileana, would you?😀 

 Some lirics:

“I spread a rumor in the neighborhood, Ileana Ileana..

As there will be my wedding soon, my lovely Ileana

ll make a special wedding…Ileana Ileana..

With my beautiful Ileana, my lovely Ileana….” 

I hope you enjoy it!

#1 Romica Puceanu Ileana, Ileana


What do you think?

Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. Wow, that’s an awesome song! I am not surprised there’s a song dedicated to your name, it’s a beautiful one. I was thinking of researching songs with the names of our fellow virily users; it’s great that people picked up the challenge. Thank you for joining!


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