Idiocracy- helpless

By  preventing a child from learning self control, (an important facet of independence), by not toilet training,  one creates a mentally weak child.   A child who looks to others to help.

This inculcation of helplessness is vital to create the mindless  follower.

Added to  this is the limitation of a child’s sense of freedom and independence.   A child is raised like a captured animal in a cage.

Simply put, one can not release those animals in the zoo into the wild for they do not know how to survive. So too, the caged child.

Besides locking the child in a building, and keeping them constantly under the eye of their caregivers,  they are given various electronic items to control them.

These items remove them from the here and now, to the fantasy realm.

Without the ability to exert control of themselves, to think for themselves,they fall pray to whomever desires to manipulate them.

This is  because they have no sense of independence.

Theconcept of independence is deliberately withheld so that they remainhelpless and easy prey for those who would exploit.


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Written by jaylar

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