Idiocracy– 1984 continues

The first remarkable example of the ability of ‘Big Brother’ to control the perceptions of the population was the statement that more people attended the inauguration of Donald Trump than that of Barack Obama.

The evidence was there, it was obvious. The fact Trump had one of the most scantily attended Inaugurations in recent history, was visible. But, as in 1984,  one was to discard the information relayed by one’s eyes, and accept without question, what Big Brother says; ‘Alternate Facts‘ as they are termed.

If the public was capable of thinking for themselves, this lie would have ended the deluge which followed.   However, the dumbing down is so great, the inability to think so manifest, that the public created to be sheep, would believe whatever they were told by their ‘leader’.

To perpetuate his lies, Trump labeled the media ‘Fake News’.  This is the common scam of  the thief immediately claiming another stole the item, which diverts attention.

From that moment in January 2017 and continuing, Trump has lied to the American public,deceived them, said one thing, done another, and gotten away with it.

This is the result of a population which is imbued with hatred and contempt for ‘Others’.   A population which is incapable of independent thought.     It is not that these people decide which side they are on, what they support, they are told and obey.


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