How Would You Have it Then? – 9

After the first miserable day of self pity I perked.  My shack was overlooking the sea.  The weather was warm and beautiful, and I might as well pretend I was on an all expense paid vacation.

I walked to work that first day, going north, then turning east, across a land bridge and a few more steps, there was the facility.

I met the others,  we interacted, nothing deep or close.  We worked together on the project.   I insured I rarely saw Z or his wife.

When I was ‘home’ I  went to the beach, did a bit of swimming,  then sat alone.  

Once and a while one of my co-workers might be swimming by, see me on the shore, and come up and speak. I’d be polite but not provoking of conversation.

They’d go back into the water, and swim away.


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Written by jaylar

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