How Would You Have it Then? – 26

Cory and I never fought, never argued.  There was nothing to fight or argue about.   We had no differing views on food or decoration or how to raise our baby.

I suppose being of the same generation, growing in the same environment, there was no discordance. 

Much of our conversation was work related, where we would deal with an issue, listening to each other’s point of view, which was often, the same.

We liked being on Remote, liked the work we were doing.  We went on, re-upping every nine months unaware we were the only ones who re-upped more than once.

I hadn’t been aware of the movement of our co-workers.   I checked the roster. Surprisingly,  Z and his wife had gone after their first nine month posting and I  hadn’t realised it at all.

Having spent the first few months deliberately avoiding him, keeping out of sight, then involved in work, then involved with Cory, the fact my ‘beloved’ had disappeared close to two years ago went by unnoticed.


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Written by jaylar

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