How Would You Have it Then? – 19

We spent the next day together.   On the third day, the rain stopped.  We carefully made our way to Headquarters.  

I  had told him that I was not going to stay as if the rain returned I’d be stranded.  He said he would go home to change, and pick up a few things, return and walk me home.

I didn’t object.

I liked his company.  It was novel to have someone in my life and as he was compatible and calming, it was comfortable.

The office was being closed, supplies were being dispensed, and we were sent back to our respective shacks.

I took my time and Cory arrived, got his box and we walked back to my shack.

I know it was physically ‘safer’ to be in Cory’s house, but his house was too close to the other employees.  I wanted being with Cory to be kept private. 


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Written by jaylar

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