How Would You Have it Then? -14

As I came out and Cory, dressed in my pajama bottoms and night gown was was making coffee in the kitchen.

He saw me, and shouting over the thunder and rain pounding on the zinc roof;  “They say light goes off when there is a big storm…I hope you don’t mind,  but a hot drink is useful…”

I smiled, nodded, went to sit on the futon.

It was somewhat dark. I realised Cory had shut all the windows.  Seeing some puddles I realised the rain had blown in.

I don’t recall it ever raining this hard before.  I was wondering if this was a hurricane, but didn’t hear powerful wind blowing.  Just rain pouring and some thunder.

I sat on the futon, he came to me with the coffee, sat beside me.  A bit close, but I didn’t move.


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Written by jaylar

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