How Would You Have it Then? -11

The job was engrossing, took most of my time and I had no problems with anyone.

I tried not to think about why I wound up here;  it was so stupid.   How could I ‘fall in love’  with someone I didn’t know and change my life so as to shadow him as if by doing so all the pieces would fall into place?

The joke was that I had thought Z and I would be alone together in Remote.  It was as we were boarding the plane I learned there were two dozen of us in the batch, and one of them was Z’s WIFE.

So there I was, in Remote, for what, trying to make the best of it, doing my job.  A major effort was avoiding Z and his wife.  If he was in the same room, I deliberately put myself beyond visual range and did not look in his direction.

It was childish of course, for he had no idea how I had felt about him, nor had he ever spoken to or at me before this posting.

Z was not the type of person to just chat.  If he didn’t have information to convey he didn’t speak to anyone.  If there was no specific reason for him to be in a section, he would not be there.  Yet, my feelings for him had poisoned me and made me dislike him as if he had done something to incur it.


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