How to convince yourself that you are going to have a lots of money in a few steps

1. Have a precise amount of money in your brain that you would like to earn. It is not enough to say just “I want to have a lots of money.” It is not a precise amount of money, therefore it is not that effective. Be precise with it as there is a psychological trick behind it. Imagine for example earning 10.000 euros per month. 

2. Define what amount of money are you willing to spend in order to win the amount of money from the first step. Be aware that the money do not fall from the sky, therefore be open to spend some of them in order to gain much more.

3. Pick a precise date on which you would like to hold that money in your hand already. This is such an important step, no matter that you do not know yet how to win that money. You might don’t even have a job, but this step you should consider as a very important as it helps a lot. The idea it’s not to understand how are you going to make all of this work but to believe in the process. Just pick a date and that’s it for this step. For example 30th of November 2018. 

4. Make a precise plan that will support your idea and a potential way to realize the job. It doesn’t matter whether you are completely able to make it worth. All you have to do is to make a plan, as good as possible, and believe in yourself. 

5. This step is actually a summary of the previous four steps in order to completely understand their order and process. Firstly, write down on a piece of paper the exact amount of money you would like to have. Secondly, pick an exact date by which you would like to have the money in your hand and write this down too. Thirdly, decide what’s the price you are able to pay in order to have that money. This could be, for example, willing to wake up earlier, give up on some old habits, work harder and so on. It does not have to be money. Lastly, define and make a plan how do you think you can make this work. 

6. Read what you’ve written at least twice a day, loudly. It could be the first thing in the morning and just before you go to sleep. As you read, feel, believe, have faith and imagine you having that money already. In order to succeed in all this, your subconscious plays a big role. Do not underestimate the importance of the last step. The psychology claims that if you have a burning desire to achieve something and get obsessed with it, there’s NO WAY FOR YOU NOT TO ACHIEVE IT, only and only if you dedicate all your energy to it and believe you are capable of doing it!


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