How The Bough is Bent – 9

Connie had asked how the woman knew these ‘rich kids’ were not really rich.

“Real millionaires don’t sent their kids to those pre schools.   They send them to average schools, dress them in average clothing so that they know how to function in the world.”

Connie found this intriguing.

“Anyone who sends a kid to that ridiculous so-called school where you teach, doesn’t have it.   They are trying to impress each other.”

Connie stared.

“Okay, you look at the High School Challenge Quizzes…you ever hear about any of those fancy schools qualifying?  Of  course not.  And how many win scholarships? “

Connie had never thought of it.

“You don’t have a teaching job at a school… you are baby sitting spoiled brats who play at learning because they ‘know everything’ already.

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