How The Bough is Bent -7

Connie listened carefully to the older woman.

“These kids are not going to get an education, they are not getting into a name brand college, save if  Mommy and Daddy bribe their way in.”

“These kids will fail, of course, or get a worthless degree.  Unless they really have the cash and control, people, rReal people will treat as the rubbish they are.”

Connie jerked at that.

“The rich and pretend rich, raise their brats to believe, without question, that they are better than everyone.  As long as Mommy and Daddy can pay, the kid will coast.   When the time comes Mommy and Daddy can’t pay….”

The woman made that gesture;  “You must realise, raising children as these are being raised, as those you have tried to teach were raised; insures failure.”

This startled Connie;  and the woman added;  “Haven’t you noticed it? 


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Written by jaylar

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