How She Plays It – 7

Dave McClean worked on the fifth floor, where Anton was stationed. Ellen, Dave’s wife, worked on the sixth.  Dave was a guy like him, same age, same type.

With a mix of astonishment and expectation, he saw ‘Poison’ Candy make her play for Dave.   She was using the same ‘play book’ she had used on him.

Anton watched as if it were a science experiment, for seeing it  happening, right before his eyes, explained all the hows and whats and whys.

Although Anton was not privy to every ‘act’ in the ‘play’  he noticed how Candy would approach Dave; that look on her face, that smile, that voice.

The same she had used on him.  The same presentation she made to him those years ago when he was married to Edith.

He saw how Candy would find reasons to speak with Dave, the same way she had done with him.

He caught them going out for  lunch, wondering where Ellen was, what lies Dave would tell Ellen… if they’d match the lies he had told Edith.

Days, weeks, and Anton was sure that the relationship between Candy and Dave had become physical.

And looking at his life;  he assumed Poison Candy would dump Dave in such a way, suspicions would be raised. Ellen would find out about the affair, and, as Edith, go for the Divorce.

And Poison Candy would have ‘won.’ whatever it was she was trying for.


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Written by jaylar

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