How She Plays It – 25 – Conclusion

Anton felt about two inches tall as Ms Starkey described the female predator.  

He prayed that she didn’t realise he had been one of Candy’s victims.

Lola Starkey, as if giving a lecture, continued to describe the behaviour of  women like Candace Varga. Obviously she knew what she was talking about, for she was spot on.  

Anton listened avidly,  thinking of what he’d experienced, what he’d seen of Candy’s behaviour with Dave. Summoning up, Ms Starkey said;

“This is how women like Miss Varga ‘play the game’.  It doesn’t change, although the victims do.”

Then, she informed Anton she would alert Senior Management and  see if they couldn’t dispose of Candace Varga.

Anton’s heart leaped happily.

It might be too late for him, but if they could dispose of Poison Candy before Dave returned with his wife, maybe that marriage would be saved.


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Written by jaylar

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