How She Plays It – 1

It was Candy Varga who destroyed his life.  ‘Poison Candy’ as he called her in his mind.

Anton Summers was married, happily, he thought.  For twelve years he had been married to Edith.  They had three children. They worked, paid off the mortgage, and everything was perfect.

Then Candy Varga came to work for his firm.

Oh she was beautiful and happy and somehow, slow and steady, seduced him.

He had never analysed how it happened,  it just was that somehow he was in bed with Candy, somehow, his wife found out, and then his life spun out of control.

It was like being caught in a whirlpool, being sucked down,  and then, waking up on the shore.

Wife gone, children gone, house gone, and he, the disgrace, transferred to another office a distance away, so that he only saw his children once a month.

Once a month he would take the train ride,  arrive in the city in the morning. He’d spend the day with his children, and then, have to travel back to his city, arriving late at night.

All because of Poison Candy.


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Written by jaylar

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