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How can the meditation help you make a decision when you are in doubt

Most of the people consider themselves as not confident enough whenever they have to make some decision. There’s at least one thing that can help you for sure in that case. The meditation. It became quite popular lately and there are plenty of proofs that show the benefits of its practice. The experts claim that it improves the ability of thinking and it strengthens the brain.

Turing a research, the experts have scanned 50 people’s brains who have practiced meditation, out of which 28 were men and 22 women. The results have shown that the meditation changes the structure of the brain which leads to a better thinking and better decision-making.

According to Veronica Parker, a teacher and a meditation coach, its practice can help you calm down and clean your brain. Not that it just calms down the brain but it helps you free yourself from your own ego as well as your inner character. The voice that confuses you and makes you have doubts in yourself gets quiet. Actually, the meditation helps you to improve your self-confidence.

What is really essential is to practice meditation every day. In other words, you cannot meditate only once and expect that your problems will resolve themselves on their own. The only way to see and experience the difference and the benefits of it is by practicing what you’ve already learned without day off.

Of course there are plenty of ways of meditation. However, none of them is wrong nor less important. Start by sitting down calm and closing your eyes. Breath in and out several times until your mind gets completely quiet. Breath in through the nose, breath out through the mouth. Have the sensation that with each breath you get more and more calm and relaxed. After only 5 breaths in and out you will already start feeling the difference. After reaching the moment of calmness with no thoughts, just focus on the breath and avoid every thought that will try to pop up to your mind.

If you have doubts about s decision, about your partner, whether you have to apply for some job or not, whether you have to follow something or not, don’t panic. Just relax and don’t make pressure for the answer. When you’ve completely quieted your mind the answer will come to you easily with no effort in a form of a picture, a word or a feeling. That’s how you would know that it is the right one for you!


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