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Home Grown – 365 Photos Challenge #Day 11

My cousin married a Potato Farmer a few years back. She told me one day that potato’s grown by yourself is so much more tastier than the ones we buy. Although I haven’t had the privilege to taste home grown potato’s yet, I can say the same about Spinach. After the lovely rain we had the last couple of weeks, our Spinach has shot to the sky.

Anyone can join in the fun, just be sure to read the 365 Photos Challenge rules and guidelines.

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Written by Della


  1. Potatoes are like corn and freshly plucked ones are much tastier. I believe that the sugars turn to starch over time and some flavor is lost. Sweet corn and potatoes eaten the day they are harvested are the best anyway.

  2. An easy and delicious recipe.
    Spinach with rice
    500 g of spinach
    1 hrs. rice
    70 g butter
    1 hrs. yoghurt
    3-4 cloves of garlic

    The spinach is cleaned and washed, then cut and stew in the butter until softening. Add the rice and water. It’s getting ready for rice. In a separate container, yogurt is made with crushed garlic and this sauce is seasoning the dish

    • I watched a documentary once where they tested the effects of Metal and Classical music on plants actually. It was amazing to see. The Classical music plants were beautiful while the Metal Plants looked wild.