Hard to Get – 8

Marla is standing in the night.   She is alone, now.  She is crying from the corners of her soul.

Casey had stood in front of her.  He was looking at his tablet when she came onto the roof.  

She called his name, and he turned around.

Bubbling with joy and love she apologised to him.   She was so sorry for how she had treated him.  She wanted to get back together.

Casey tried to stop her, more than once, but she had to get it all out.

“Stop Marla!  Listen!”  he said,  “you don’t have to apologise.  You told me we were over.   I accepted it.  I moved on…”

“No!”  she had called.

He nodded, smiled, and walked away.

Leaving her to cry alone on the roof.


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Written by Tall Awah

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