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Happy Black and White Friday!

Today is Black and White Friday, so here are a few I took at the beginning of the week. 

#6 Speaking of patterns…

So, basically this is how my mind works. 

See flower, yes it bloomed! 

Grab camera, go out and take 20 pictures of said flower.... Watch bugs flying around.. Can't get em, camera won't pick them up unless they stand still. 

Start to go back to the house..ah, now there ya go. A shadow pattern of a fan! Wonderful! Take 20 pictures of said fan.... Loving the patterns as I chimp through the fan pictures... Patterns.. I just love patterns.. 

Aha, Luna's ball is giving off great shadows, and the ball is a lovely blue with green edges.. My grandsons spilled paint on the patio just sets it off.. Loving the colors...

Go back in, download pictures. Edit the too colorful bright one.. Post for black and white Friday! 

Have a great Friday everyone! 


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