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After World War I  a pandemic named ‘The Spanish Flu’  infected one third of the  World’s population. Approximately 675,000 Americans died.  

Although science was so much more ‘primitive’  in those days,  there was a demand to wear masks and social distance.   This was resisted by many Americans, a portion of whom make up that 675, 000.  

In 2020 the Corona Virus called Covid travelled the world.  Over 300,000 Americans have died so far, and the pandemic is not half over..

Wearing masks, social distancing is resisted.

Some Americans call it  the ‘corny flu’, a ‘sniffle’  and to obliterate reality, Donald Trump, President of the United States, pretended he was infected and easily recovered.   Only those Americans who call it the ‘corny flu’ and a ‘sniffle’  believe he had Covid.   Others know it was done to fool Americans into thinking it was no big deal.

Not unlike the propaganda pushed one hundred years ago.


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