Going After Assange

April 2019 News

RT interviews Jesse Ventura about Wikileaks’ Julian Assange and freedom of speech. The Zionist Media and the Zionist-occupied USA government are using Assange to silence whistleblowers as well as others trying to expose Zionist lies. The Zionists continue to torture Julian Assange and Bradley/Chelsea Manning for exposing the truth about the Zionist criminals and lies. This is all about a war on the people to STFU from exposing the Zionists by instilling fear into the American public. It is all a part of the Zionist governments’ New World Order agenda for a totalitarian society of creating stupid mindless slaves and compliance to the continuous lies.

FBI is also targeting fictional writers and scientists as danger to the Zionist criminals’ lies because writers often expose the truth in society and the world via fictional stories that entertains people.


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