Giving it Time – 9

Mike drove Emily to her her flat.  She sprang out with a smile and a wave and went in.  He drove home realising there had been no kissing, grabbing, sleep overs, hook ups;  just two friends.

In case Lily pushed her mouth into the situation, he could look her in the eye as could Emily.  Mike realised, this was his first thought of Lily since he heard Emily had tickets to the game.

It wasn’t until he plugged in his phone he realised it had been off for how many hours.

There was a slurry of ‘missed calls’.   He forced himself to listen to the messages left and was so happy he’d had his phone off for so long because all of these calls carried baskets of stress.

Emily had reached in having had a wonderful night.  She hated to go to games alone.  She virtually had to force herself and then didn’t really enjoy it.

She had enjoyed Mike’s company and was looking forward to the movie tomorrow afternoon.

Emily was not being ‘calculating’.   That was her team, she did have two tickets.   If Mike was still with Lily she’d have called one of her many friends to go with her.

As to the movie, she really liked the actor and knew the movie was highly rated and if Mike didn’t go with her she would call another friend.


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Written by jaylar

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