Giving it Time – 6

When Lily broke up with Mike, it was not unexpected.   Everyone knew about it.   The gossip started on Monday and by Friday, all the details had been disseminated.

Mike was keeping up a brave front, talking about the case, and aspects of it.  When he paused Emily said;  

“Could you imagine have two tickets to the game and no one to go with?”

“What game?”  Mike flipped.

She told him what game;  his eyes nearly fell out of his head.  Those tickets were for the team he supported.

“What?  How did you get them?”

“Oh, a cousin of mine always has tickets.  I was supposed to go with him but he won’t be able to come.   I hate going alone.”  

“Listen, I love that team.  I’d love to go…”

“Oh that is wonderful!  Thank you…”

“Thank you!”  Mike sparkled.


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Written by jaylar

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