Giving it Time – 17

“What have you got?”  Mike asked Jordon, the Paralegal.

Jordon began to list the various cases he had found which were on point and would help their case.  As he was going through the list Fabian Brenner arrived.  He gave Emily a glare.

Mike raised his hand to stop Jordon’s discussion and said, “Brenner, we’ve got this covered.”

Brenner prickled;  “I’m supposed to be on the Viccount case.”

“Uh huh;  so what do you say about the Jarvis decision?”

Brenner looked blank.

“Um and distinguish it from the Corburn?”

Brenner looked around.

“Yah..” Mike smiled.  “I told you, we got this…”

Almost huffing, Brenner stomped out.

Mike knew Brenner didn’t take as much interest in the work as Emily did, and now it was proven.


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Written by jaylar

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