Giving it Time – 12

Mike and Emily arrived at the Hotel and gained a room.  It had two single beds.

“You can change in the bathroom, I’m changing here cause I’m dying to get into the pool, ”  Mike said.

Emily went into the bathroom, quickly pulled on her very modest suit and took the robe that hung there.  When she came out, Mike was in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt.

They went down, ran to the ppol, and jumped in, laughing.  

They swam around for about forty minutes, but hungry, came out, dried a bit and went ito the tables.  It was early so they took pancakes and coffee, went to a table.   Mike and Emily sat and ate and spoke.

After a time, they walked down to the beach, swam for awhile, then then rinsed off with plain water.

They found chaise lounges, and Emily had one of those tanning creams.  She squeezed a portion into her hands, then gave the tube to Mike who used it.

Then they sat on lounge chairs, toasting in the sun.


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Written by jaylar

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