Give it Time – 81

Emily’s  disgust with the Firm was suppressed by her interest in Mike McGregor. From the moment Emily saw him she liked him.   His appearance, his presentation, his sense of humour.   He was perfect.

Working with him was a pleasure, but she focused on the intellectual not the physical or emotional.

It didn’t take long to find out he was one of those ‘hook up’  types who got involved with any female who was willing.

His relationship with Lily  was ridiculous.   She was an obnoxious para-legal woman who knew very little, pretended she knew everything, because she was involved with one of the Associates.

Emily had avoided her from introduction for where Senior Counsel could put down a phone, or stop reading when introduced to the Newbies,  Lily had turned back, saying she was too busy.   Emily, as the others, preferred Martin or Jordon and never came near Lily.

Emily ignored Mike’s relationship with Lily.   She pretended she didn’t know about it, focused on her work and was the usual first choice as Junior Counsel.

There was a rumour that Mike had broken up with Lily.  As a test, learning Mike was interested in Basketball she mentioned she had two tickets to the game.  Her cousin who worked for a ticketing agency, always put two tickets aside for her.  

Mike was excited wanted to go.  

Emily  truly liked his company.  And felt he liked hers as well.


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Written by jaylar

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