Give it Time – 77

Mike and Emily drank coffee, talked about her new job.  They got along well,  then, as it got late, Mike dropped her home.  He kissed her good night before she got out of the car.  She returned his kiss, then sprang out and he watched her enter her building.

Mike had made up his mind.

The next day, he arrived at the  Agency where Emily now worked to apply for the position of  Senior Counsel.  He had done a number of cases dealing with the Environment. His involvement in the landmark Greenpoint case, got him quite a few points.

The only slap down was the salary, which was a little more than 2/3rds what he was currently earning.

But he said to himself; Money isn’t everything.

He took the job, would begin on Monday, and left the Agency with a smile.  He didn’t see Emily, and wanted to keep his news as a gem.

Mike arrived at the Firm late and didn’t say a word.   He went to his computer, typed up his  resignation letter, and printed  a number of copies. He went through the computer, deleting all history, passwords, and his account.  

Satisfied, he rose,  packed his items, which were few, and told his secretary to deliver the letters to the Seniors.

And saying no more, he walked out of the office.


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Written by jaylar

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