Give it Time – 76

Sitting with Emily in the Cafe Blue Mike  came to two  separate but conjoined decisions;   first, he wanted Emily in his lie and secondly, he wanted out of the Firm. He took a  sip of his coffee, then asked;  

 “Do you think I could apply for…”

She didn’t let him finish.

“Mike please apply!  They need a Senior counsel as the one they currently are using is retiring.  Apply now! “

He looked into her eyes, and to him, it was the first time she let him know he mattered to her.

“Tell me more about the position, the cases…”  he ased.

The facts were not as important to him as her excitement, interest and feeling of wanting to be there.  Wanting to be at a Law Firm which didn’t just make money or represent the Powerful but which tried to make a difference.

As she spoke he appreciated his  contract had a little over a week to go.   He hadn’t taken his year’s vacation. If he could get a position at that Law firm, then he could easily start on Monday.

He envisioned himself behaving as Emily had;  he’d drop a letter on a desk advising them he would not be contracting for another year and was taking his accrued leave.

Everything seemed so magical so fitting into place, it could be a  dream.


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Written by jaylar

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