Give it Time – 65

Mike, as the other attorneys,  were annoyed by the absence of Emily.  Her departure meant none of them had a useful Junior by their side.

Although there had been a lot of talk on Monday, into Tuesday, Mike focused on his case,  and stayed out of the loop.

No one knew he and Wendy had social ‘relations’.   

No one was aware they went to the match every Friday evening or  had gone to a Hotel on two occasions for a weekend, (separate beds and social distancing).  

No one knew  Wendy had told Mike of her plans, and that he knew exactly where she was and what she was doing.

Tuesday evening, as he relaxed in the front of the television, he realised how careful and clever he had been.  

By keeping all links between himself and Emily hidden, no one could ask him a question and he had nothing to share.


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Written by jaylar

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