Give it Time – 61

Mike recalled the case.   How he was so committed to having that factory pay for the evil it caused.  He hadn’t done any other case like that in his short career.  

His reverie was shatter by Emily saying:  “You know there is no match on Friday.”

Confused he made one of those; “hhhmmmm?”

“Friday… there is no match…”

For the past few weeks he had accompanied Emily to watch the game every Friday evening.  

“Yeah..” he caught the point, “Hey, do you have plans for Friday?” 

“There’s a family thing…” she muttered.

“Oh,” he replied, thinking, ‘that’s it then’.  Sort of a conclusion to their ‘relationship’  or whatever this was.

They sat for a time, then went to the sea for a swim.   Returning, they rinsed off, went in to take their lunch, then back outside to eat.  After, while they relaxed Mike decided;  “I think it is time to check out.”

Emily didn’t say a word, she rose, he followed.  They went to the room where she rinsed first while he packed his things.  When she emerged, he went in, leaving her to pack.


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Written by jaylar

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