Give it Time – 60

Mike sat beside Emily and asked about the job at the Environmental Agency.

Although she wouldn’t usually mix work with play she knew this went deeper so  avidly told him about the investigations she would be doing, and how there was no office prison of 9 to 5.    She made it sound interesting and unique.

“What’s the salary?”

“It’ll be small because I am a Junior counsel, they won’t rely on me for Court cases; only investigation and research and being a support staff.  But over time, if I stay, I’m sure to move up.”

“Y’know, when I first came to the Firm I worked on a case …”

“Yeah, the Greenpoint…”

“How did you know?”

“I’m Emily;  I always do my research.   You were a very junior lawyer with a well known Senior Counsel and went after a factory which had dumped dangerous sewage into a river…”

Mike stared.

“Don’t look so shocked!  We read that case at Law School!”


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