Give it Time – 57

Mike felt stupid after his outburst.  Felt as if he’d betrayed himself without purpose.  If Emily wanted to leave the Firm, that was her choice.   But not telling him?

“Because it doesn’t matter.”  Emily said.   If we are friends we will be friends.  If we are just coworkers, then it is good we haven’t escalated into realms which will only lead to… discomfort.”

Mike grabbed for words, concepts, but he had said and thought them all before.  Just a few minutes ago he had thought if their relationship did not move beyond ‘potential’  parting would not be stressful.

Emily added; 

“The Seniors have not directly said anything to me.  But I’m proactive.  They could wait two months or two weeks then call me in for the beheading.  So, I made my plans.   When Galant spoke to me I assumed there would be a ‘official’ meeting on Friday, but there wasn’t.”

Mike was astounded by Emily’s ability to read situations and sharing her insight, adding the bits and pieces he supplied;  “There is no sense in losing an opportunity waiting around…”

“Precisely.   I’m going to resign on Monday.  Then I’ll scoot over to the Agency.  I’m looking forward to it.”

“And you waited until…”

“Mike, can’t we own a patch of stressless life?   Of a life with our cell phones  off, just enjoying the day, the night, the food, the companionship, without biting our fingernails and losing sleep?”

“Were you going to tell me?”

“Yes.  I planned to tell you as we drove back to the city, when we were about ten minutes out.”


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