Give it Time – 50

Mike was shocked by Emily’s independence , her sense of herself.  That when summoned to the Senior’s office  threatened that if she didn’t work overtime and come in on weekends she would be sacked, Emily had nodded, said, ‘okay’ and walked out.

“Hey, I never thought about you leaving the firm…”  he exclaimed.

“Mike, I have  life,”  Emily said touching her chest.  He was perturbed that she had said ‘life’ not the usual ‘a life’.   ” You’ve seen it. ”  she offered.  “Sports, coming here, going to movies,  a long list of hobbies and attractions….”

Her voice wasn’t apologetic or looking for understanding.

” I signed on to work for the firm from 9 to 5.  If they want to get rid of me because I don’t suffer in the office on Saturday, or stay late on Friday, that is their choice. For mine is to work eight hours a day.”

He stared at her as if he’d never seen her before.  At the office she was hardworking, committed, doing more than asked.

“Why do you appear so shocked?”  Emily asked.  “You could testify that when I am in the office, I am there.  That I am fully committed, interested, hardworking, all the positive traits.”

“Sure, I could.”

Emily glance at the time; “Mike, if we stay up here too long, by the time we get down to supper, some entrees might finish.   Life is the same.”

Emily unexpectedly stood,  strolled to the door, paused.  He rose and followed, asking himself, Who is she?


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Written by jaylar

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