Give it Time – 49

Emily, realising that she had some blanks to fill in, explained to Mike;

“Okay… you remember the other day I was called into Galant’s office?  Now you were there, so you know who he is, who he is in relation to me, in relation to you.  Ten years from now, if I was telling someone about it, someone who doesn’t know him, who doesn’t know the interplays, they might go off on some tangent,  which is totally incorrect.”

“What he call you for?”  Mike asked, surprised he hadn’t questioned it before.

As if a matter of no importance:

“His standard blather about how I leave the office early and am unavailable on weekends.”

Mike’s respect for Emily was visibly rising.

“I told him, as I told the others, ”  and she looked directly at Mike; “That I can’t stay late, I have family obligations.”

Mike nodded.

He remembered  when he was new how he had to struggle to get out of the office before seven, how he  had so few weekends and days off.  Mike must have worked 60 hour weeks for those first six months.

“And Galant says;  (and she did an excellent impersonation) “that unless you are committed, we can’t offer you a contract.”

Mike knew the drill.  What he didn’t know was Emily’s response;

“I told him, alright.”   She paused, “nodded and walked out.”


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Written by jaylar

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