Give it Time – 45

Mike picked Emily up for the game.  As they drove it was all they spoke about. and they spoke about.  Not office gossip, not themselves.

They arrived, took their seats and watched. It was a disappointing match.  After, they discussed it over a small meal.

Then he asked; “What are you doing tomorrow?”

“I don’t feel like a movie tomorrow;   what do you want to do?”

“Oh, I hadn’t made any plans at all…” he said, scratching his brain, trying to come up with something.

“I know I’m always setting the venue…”

“No… I was the hotel.”

“Oh yes, that was wonderful.”

“You want to ride up tomorrow?  We can enjoy Saturday and Sunday?”

“Sure!  That would be great!”

“Okay, let’s leave early so we can get their breakfast!” and he smiled.

And she smiled, catching the reference to the breakfast he had missed.


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Written by jaylar


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